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Why Solar Energy?
 Some key facts on solar energy highlight its significant potential in resolving the climate change crisis:

1 The Sun has sufficient helium mass to provide the Earth with energy for another five billion years and, every 15 minutes, it emits more energy than the earth's population uses in an entire year.

2 The Earth receives only one half of one billionth of the Sun's radiant energy, but in just a few days it gets as much heat and light from this radiant energy that could be produced only by burning all the oil, coal and wood on the planet.

3 The Sun represents 99.8% of the total mass of our solar system, its surface temperature is 6000ºC, and its total energy could melt an ice cube the size of planet Earth in just 30 minutes.

4 Globally, there are some two billion people who are without electricity. For these populations it is more economically viable to install solar panels than to extend established electricity grids.

Businesses across the globe can use solar energy to reduce the risk of volatile and rising fossil fuel prices, thereby reducing or stabilizing operating costs. This is particularly true where governments have moved to tax carbon emissions. Additionally, some world governments offer incentives and rebates to increase the use of renewable energy sources as well as reduce the risk and costs of power outages. Moreover, businesses can strengthen relationships with customers and the community alike, by showing concern for climate-related issues by using clean energy.

Governments across the globe are concern about the environment and providing clean air for their citizens as well as for future generations. Additionally, the possible shortages of fossil fuels can play havoc on world economies.

Individuals around the world are concern about a cleaner planet for their children and future generations as well as economic reasons as conventional energy sources are depleted and become more costly.

Global Warming - why it matters

Climate change is a rapidly advancing crisis that threatens millions of plant and animal lives and the environment according to leading international scientists.

The intergovernmental panel on climate change - A group of renowned international scientists who provide authoritative advices on climate change predict drastic negative effects to the environment if climate change continues on its current levels. These negative consequences include:

- The increase of extinction for up to 30% of the world's natural species by 2020 with total extinction of 40% of the world's species by 2080.

- An increase of natural disasters such as floods, wildfires and storms.

- Greater mortality rates from heat waves, floods and droughts.

- The melting of polar regions, raising sea levels by 13 to 20 feet resulting in land masses being covered by water.

Climate change is caused by the build-up of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. In the atmosphere, carbon dioxide is produced by human activities such as industrial processing where fossil fuels are used as the energy source. In addition, the destruction of the world’s forest which aids in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is being depleted at a alarming rate.

To address climate change, the world community must make dramatic changes to reduce our greenhouse gas emission by moving away from traditional sources of energy to more renewable and environmentally friendly sources of energy. A commitment from governments, business and individuals is required to reverse the harmful effects of using fossil energy. At Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing, we are committed to raising awareness of climate change issues and helping the global community to understand the importance of solar energy in reducing carbon emissions. We desire to work with the community at large in providing an energy source that is efficient, affordable, reliable and clean for the benefit of all.


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